Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant

Villa Consorcia Resort And Restaurant (Roxas City,Capiz)

Winding slide
                                        Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant that is really known in Roxas City Capiz is formerly known as Consorcia Green Valley establish on January 1998 by the late Wilson Baquilar Sr. the resort named after Consorcia Bacaro Baquilar the wife of the founder.
       The establishment started with just a small canteen, a dining room and seven small dining cottages. After a few months, reception hall and hotel rooms were built in February 2009 a swimming pool was formally open to the public. Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant has a total land area of two hectares conviently located at Brgy. Malg-it pontevedra, Capiz.
       The guest who visited Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant loved enjoyed the unique ambiance, natural settings and delicious food serves. Presently Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant offers plenty of facilities and amenities  There is the Wilson Bar, the Fiesta Pavilion one of the venues for wedding and birthday parties, Island Park intended for playful kids and weather favours, the park also serve as venue for children party and garden Wedding reception, for sports minded guest, there is a sports area, and the convertible court is the venue for volleyball, basketball and lawn tennis competition. There are also hotel rooms, air-conditioned function room, Jacuzzi and swimmingpool.                                                                      
            Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant has its captivating landscapes, fresh air form natural unspoiled environment, accessibility of its location, the safe and spacious parking area, delicious food and many more that had contributed to the overall success of this more than a decade old establishment.

Villa Consorcia Resort & Restaurant A beautiful place to visit

            Villa Consorcia Resort is one of the beautiful place where you want to visit when you come to Capiz, there is so many beautiful place in this Resort and one of them is their hotel room where you can feel comfortable while taking a rest. The room is air condition and the bed is so soft and smooth. Villa Consorcia also has a swimming pool, it has a ride that you must try.

            The name of the Resort Villa Consorcia came from the mother of Mrs. Marlyn Bocboc named Consorcia Bacquilar. The Resort was establish in January 1998, it s located in the Malag-it,Pontevedra,Capiz. The Resort has twenty personel that take care of the Resort maintenance and services. It has a land area of two hectares, with the biggest and highest pool slide in the Province of Capiz.

While in Villa Consorcia Resort & Restaurant

            Experience Villa Consorcia Resort and Restaurant. Its captivating landscapes, the fresh air from natural unspoiled environment, , the safe and spacious parking areas, great service, delicious food,the good ambiance big pools and slide.As one gets through the entrance, one would see the western- styled Wilson Bar. Named in memory of the deceased owner, the fully air conditioned bar boasts of its wide array of wine and beer collections, menus and finger foods at customer’s choice. You can also sing along to the top of your lungs with our collections of the oldest and the latest videoke hits.

            Adjacent to the bar is the Fiesta Pavilion, one of the venues for wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, seminars, workshops, meetings, conferences and other special occasions. This venue can accommodate as much as three hundred people with extension tents installed around for a bigger crowd. A built- in sound system booth, stage, kitchen and comfort rooms are also available.Food and beverages plus entertainment are also readily available at our Poolside Resto

            Ideal for passing out time while having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, the full view of the magical pool area is captured by the spectator from here. The resto also at times is converted into as stage for performing live bands facing discoing audience at the concrete pavements around. 

            Getting interior at the Function Room, a stage occupies the other end while a food service counter is found at the opposite end. In full air condition and crafted in the latest architectural design, the room is perfect for smaller audience and participants. Elevated and landscaped in paradisical beauty, cottages around the function room also serve as extension kiosk during occasions with bigger audience.

            A focus on the Jacuzzi at the central part of the pool area, gives one an impression of a very relaxing pause while dipping in its therapeutic bubbling base water.. Civil Wedding ceremonies are held in this kiosk and even serving at times as center stage for celebrity concerts. Both young and old can take turns in using the Jacuzzi facility. 

            Behind the main swimming pool is the winding slide towering to a height of thirty five feet in its apex. Dripping flowing water runs through the slide where one can feel like lubricated while swiftly down sliding and ultimately falling down to the clear waters of the main pool. The tower of the ladder can also be a view deck for those who enjoy telescopic sightseeing.
            For more adventurous guests, we offer our freshwater fishing amenities to quench your craving for nature tripping. Get hold of our fishing gears and enjoy hooking our freshwater tilapia and hito. At your request, our ground staff will cook your catch as you wish, preserve or pack it for take away.
            On a slope across the pavilion, is the Island Park-the haven for fully –charged playful kids who seek for fun and enjoyment. When weather favors, the park also serves as venue for children birthday parties and garden wedding ceremonies and receptions. Young adults also love to hang around in its artificial canals and bridges teeming with freshwater fish. 
            Moving into the interior of the villa, one will see the sports area. The convertible court is the venue for volleyball, basketball and lawn tennis competitions. Enthusiasts who wish to lose some calories and fit their physique can spare moments of health exercises here.

            Capping the hill cone of the villa is the main hotel. Its fully furnished rooms vary in size and capacity to suit your budget. Other accommodations are also found within the compound aside from the main hotel. Food services and housekeeping rules are observed strictly by the staff in all areas but are emphasized here. Courtesy and efficiency is likewise inculcated to the Villa Consorcia family.

            Room accommodations near the pool include family, De luxe and dormitory types. Outside the pool area rooms are Consorcia, De luxe , economy and dormitory types. All accommodations are crafted in elegance and comfort that one would never forget the experience of overnight stay at Villa Consorcia. 
            Cottages in nipa and bamboo as well as concrete, artistically mushroom around the pool area carpeted with bermuda and carabao grasses from edge to edge. The relaxing atmosphere in such a sloping setting majestically brings one to commune with nature in style and comfort. 
Highlighting the area are the two pools and a Jacuzzi. The huge pool range to a depth of four to six feet while the other is plainly 2.5 feet deep. The Jacuzzi can be found centrally which at times covered during occasions serving as stage. Rare collections of flora such as palms, gumamelas and ornamental trees accentuate the very romantic setting.

            Uphill, just closer to the pool is the double storey Consorcia Function Room. Specifically located at the ground floor of the building, the fully air conditioned function room is ideal for occasions with selected guests of not more than one hundred. The second floor of the building includes four hotel rooms each with bath and comfort rooms.